Monday, January 1, 2018

Frost Lord

A simple and easy conversion using Frostgrave bitz and an old GorkaMorka torso to make a small homage to the greatest Cimmerian.

Work Bench : 2018

As well as continuing to work on my Thornmoons Crusade force, I have been building and converting a Blight Mechanicus army for 40K. I regret that I have few pictures of them as some models are with me and others in storage. With that said, here is a Blight Enginseer I converted. He still needs greenstuff work and maybe some more servo skulls.

While gaming on ps4 last night and this morning with my son, in between games I managed to do a few conversions on some Inquisimunda / RT/ warband,

Not sure if they will be part of my House Ainfaust team or another House or even an Inquisitor retinue.

Thornmoons Crusade: House Ainfaust Explorator Fleet H3X-138

Should have posted this weeks ago but work has been grueling as of late. But here is the first of my submission to Ironsleet Invitational Thornmoons Crusade.

From Left To Right :
Kardo Tierrez - House Ainfaust Cyborg Sniper
Raef Osvald - Chief Retainer of House Ainfaust
Lakoda Thamuz - Sanctioned Psyker / Lancer War Lord
Gol-Gol-1 - Lord Stalos Ainfaust personel Tech -Adept / Chronicler of the Thornmoons Crusade and Exploration
Arch Magos Ramik Ungol - "The Immorta" House Ainfaust Explorator Overseer and Commander of the Fusilios Skitarii Legion.


With Necromunda and in full swing, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new boxed set. Starting with the Goliaths, I did some minor conversions using some old and new bitz to make them feel like my own and not just the standard box gang.




Once they are painted I will come up with Gang name, history and story. Had tons of fun building the new models as the kit is amazing and the new models are not only extremely detailed but also huge compared to the previous editions of House Goliath gangers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

House Van Saar Conversions

After spending much time arguing with myself over how I was going to paint these Van Saars, I decided to have a look through my Necromunda archives of Holy Art. I settled on this color color scheme based on the art from Gang War issue #5. Even though the gang in the art was supposed to be from the Spider Clan, I thought Van Saars would look really cool in this old color scheme. Very Hive Gangerish circa 1992. Also ripped them off their boring sand bases and placed them on resin tech deck bases from Evil Mushroom Games. 

They need a few more gangers, but they are ready to scrap in the Underhive.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Once, I was a cop...a Road Warrior....

I have been obsessing over making some Fury Road minis lately, so I decided to give the paints a break and add to my Mad Max model collection. I got the bug even worse after seeing what others were doing on both the facebook GorkaMorka page and the Yaktribe gaming Mad Max challenge.

Here are a some goodies on working on. Needs more work, but so far, so good.

War Boy


Citadel Guard 


Fury Road Max

I also scored these awesome Hot Wheels from Ebay and the market near my girlfriends house.
Waiting on my upgrade kits from Brigade Games to make the Falcon into Maxs Interceptor !

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Black Legion Commission

I decided to start doing commissions again, my brother wanted his Black Legion Army redone so he can either game with it or sell it. It was in bad shape, all broken up, but had tons of old models both plastic and metal and great conversions. The original paint job was done about ten or more years ago. So I did repairs and began repainting them.

Here is the first squad of Black Legion Chaos Space Marines done. Table top quality in my opinion.