Friday, January 4, 2013


Built two units today thanks to getting my shipment from the War Store !

Heavy Bolter in this squad, with a few bearded Guardsmen.

This squad has a Flamer and a Plasma Gun along with one Guardsmen having a grenade in his hand so I can remember to use the damn things !

Really enjoying building this army. The Wargames Factory Shock Troops with Cadian bits and various heads to represent the Gang mentality of Necromunda really seems to fit my vision.

This now gives me a total of 50 Guardsmen, one Heavy Weapons Squad, one unit of Ogryns, a squad of custom Storm Troopers, two Leman Russ tanks, two Commissars, a Command HQ and some Priests. Hoping to Have it all painted soon to show off. for now its back to slaving over Skaven for a few days. Cheers and Beers.

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