Monday, December 21, 2009


A long time passion of mine has found it's way onto my work bench and display shelves.
I have finally put paint to some of my customized GI JOES. I must say that the GW paints are not good for action figures but it's all I have at the moment.

First up is my custom Steel Brigade officer. I always wanted to update the Steel Brigade and thought Wet Suits helmet looked pretty futuristic.

custom steel brigade

I used Dial Tone's torso and legs, Wet Suit head and helmet, Darklon waist, Tunnel Rat arms.

steel brigade

And here is Over Lord mild custom, no paint just swapped his torso with Cobra Commander. In the background is my version of Major Bludd possibly before he was murdered in Resolute- (sorry for the bad pics- will take better ones soon) as well as a Cobra Viper in Resolute colors.

Major Bludd, Cobra Viper and Over Lord customs

Customs lined up to be completed are:

Mad Max - post Thunderdome

some Road Warrior style bad guys

Covert Ops Team with JOES and Cobra traders

I will continue with 40k and Necromunda related models in the next post- so think if this as a intermission. Please, questions, comments and criticism appreciated.

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