Thursday, January 7, 2010


Convoy Assault

The Top Shelf Raiders were a bunch of scum dog, double dealing, back stabbing, PDF deserters. They had some goods that my tribe would greatly need if we intended on taking the fight to the band of Pit Slaves we encountered weeks ago. They had crates of ammo, food and water. I took the wheel of our transport and let the young Nomads ride in the open back end, guns ready for the fire fight to come. We came barreling down into the valley- the Top Shelf Raiders south west of us. We would make our mark and the swines never forget the Ghost Dogs.


The Raiders armored transport rumbled along the
valley floor,its walker guardian bringing up its flank.


Hitting the throttle on my engine, we raced
to cut off the Raiders but the walker fired
volley after volley of heavy bolter rounds.


Not much damage was done but Laz was unfortunate
and the bullets sent him flying over board
and he was left in the dust.


We exchanged fire , shotguns and lasrifle shots
ricochetingon each others wheels, tracks and
crew compartments.

Time was of the essence and so far the PDF bastards
were keeping us at bay with their gun power.
Soon they would be out of the valley -
but I could not let that happen.

I made a fast decision and turned our
vehicle in an attempt to come up alongside them.
It was difficult to navigate the valley floor with all
the rock piles, wrecks and detritus.


Coming along side them we opened up with our
Plasma gun and sawed off shotguns, killing one
of their crew and damaging its tracks.
We sped past them and it seemed we would have
the upper hand now.
But it was not to be as their walker's heavy bolter
rained death to my Nomads in the rear and also
igniting our precious nitro canisters causing
our vehicle to almost wreck.


Loosing control we spun around and we smashed
headlong into the valley wall, more of my tribesmen
thrown violently from their seats.



To make matters worse the Raiders rammed us-
further crippling our chances of seizing the precious loot.
They continued on their way as we lay
beaten and broken.


As they rode off we began looking for our lost brothers, they won today but we shall have our revenge.
Such is the way of the Ash Wastes.

- Hangman- Nomad tribe leader of the Ghost Dogs


  1. An excellent battle report. Those are also some impressive conversions!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it more Ash Waste goodness in two weeks and thank you for the kind words on the conversions!

  3. Nicelt dine mate - I take it this is the Ash Wastes vehicle rules in action?


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